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Howdy Visitor! JC here, Administrator & PR for The Official Site of THE OHIO EXPRESS.


There is SO much that I could write about this iconic pop Band from Mansfield, Ohio USA, but Iet us defer to the excellent writing of Fred Thomas at renowned Music Industry Publication and Post his Band Bio below on this page. Please tell your Friends about our new Site as well as Follow, Like and Subscribe to THE OHIO EXPRESS Touring Band and Recording Artist on Social Media with Links below!

Here's the Link to the Biography: Ohio Express Bio

Ohio Express Biography by Fred Thomas

Formed from the ashes of Rare Breed, Mansfield Ohio's the Ohio Express came together in 1966 and enjoyed some of the largest successes of the bubblegum rock craze of the late '60s. The initial line-up included Joey Levine on vocals, Dale Powers on guitar, Doug Grassel on second guitar, Jim Pfahler on keyboards, Dean Kastran on bass and Tim Corwin on drums. Under the aegis of producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz, Ohio Express surfaced repeatedly on the late-'60s pop charts.


Their first single, a reworked Rare Breed tune called "Beg, Borrow and Steal" cracked the charts, but it was the sugary-sweet one-two punch of "Yummy Yummy Yummy" and "Chewy Chewy" that produced their biggest hits. These tunes were pair of million-sellers for the band and their label, bubblegum powerhouse Buddah Records. Future 10cc leader Graham Gouldman sang lead on their final chart bow in 1969, "Sausalito (Is the Place to Go)." The band had a somewhat nebulous existence for the next two decades. For a brief time in the mid-'70s, Kasenetz and Katz assembled a version of Ohio Express made up of completely new musicians to play the band's hits in Long Island clubs and dive bars. This in-name-only version of the band was short-lived. In the 1980s, original drummer Tim Corwin assembled a new lineup of the group and they began touring the oldies circuit playing the band's late-'60s hits. In 2012 this version of the band offered up Bubblegum Days, an album of newly recorded versions of both their most famous hits as well as other covers from the bubblegum era.

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